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ZAO app is here! Finally, you can download ZAO apk free for Android and IOS ( iphone / ipad ), and Blackberry (Android OS Version) from chinese website. Since its launch, the Zao application was welcomed positively and millions of users hurried to download the free app and give it a go.


Zao App Deepfake

The new Chinese platform has varied face-swapping features and there are a huge range of characters that can be tried out by the user himself.

However, after Zao (owned by Momo Inc.) gained palpable popularity in its hometown, the new Chinese app is starting to garner more attention from foreign audiences in Europe and North America. Of course, there are some apprehensions about the privacy policy of Z A O, but nothing has been proven to be wrong yet.

ZAO AI Movie Characters – Face Swap

The user first provides a series of selfies in which he does multiple face expressions that’ll be used by the Zao app to give back a realistic result. After that, the user’s varied group of selfies is imposed on the chosen TV or movie character via an artificial intelligence technique to make the character become the user himself in less than minutes!

Apparently the realistic results that introduce users with nearly their exact likeness imposed on a viral character are what earned the Chinese Zao app its current, increasing popularity despite being very recently launched in the markets. Developers of Zao are thrilled about the rapid rise of the face-swapping app, and they assure users that the new Chinese platform isn’t designed to breach privacy nor to spy on users in any way.

Although, recent news talked about the features of ‘ZAO’ app. The features of ‘ZAO’ app are amazing and can be easily handled by the users. Its gives the option of remarkable changes in face swapping. It means user can choose any favorite character for the enjoyment. The other features shows the library of ‘ZAO’ app. Its look like superb and also shows the material    is made up of dazzling things. The libraries consist of millions of videos and numbers of videos clip increasing day by day.

Anyway, few famous celebrities involved ’Marilyn Manroe’ and Leonardo DiCaprio they used ‘ZAO’ app for their movie scene. However, application features are fully established and smoothly working. It gives users option to play with their friends faces and can make video clips. They can also use their relative faces for enjoyment purpose. Anyway, the other best option is that app do not permit others internet depiction. It also gives you the option of music portrait with your profile. ZAO can be downloaded in the Iop and I phone. It provide you different functionalist. The app has lower energy approach. Despite ‘ZAO’ APP is beautifully developed for enjoyment.

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Developer: Changsha Shenduronghe Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Hashtag: #deepfake #ZAOapp

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