Download ZAO on your iPhone X Plus

Download ZAO on your iPhone X Plus 1

The amazing iPhone X Plus is an amazing phone for your ZAO app. iPhone X has become the best-selling iPhone model so far. So, let’s install ZAO application from Apple Store and apply newest AI technology.

Taking the high price tag in consideration it did not seem to bother people paying over $1000 for a phone that has 64 Gb of available storage. There were fears that consumers would not pay that much for the iPhone, but the proof is there they are quite happy to pull out the extra cash. The main spotlight here though is the upcoming iPhone model that could see itself outdoing the iPhone x even in the price tag is the iPhone x plus. This phone is a supersize iPhone x and with the popularity of the iPhone x it is no surprise people can’t wait to get their hands on the model.

There a just a few graphic designers that create renders of the unreleased smart phone and we have Muhsin M. Belaal Auckburaully who tops the favourite list. He creates from rumours he hears and already has sights ready for the next generation of the iPhone x plus. He visioned the 2018 phone to come in 5 different colours from silver, space gray, a new gold colour that apple seems quite interested in then the black model, but the special is last on the list the red colour that has a mirror finish unlike anything before. One concept he has about the iPhone x plus that won’t make it to the real deal is the triple lens camera located on the back. Huawei introduced a phone which is a three rear camera lens and the reviews about the camera were impressive.

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Consumers are waiting for apple to include a triple lens in their next model of iPhone although it is not to be expected in the next few years. However, the iPhone x plus has a better version of the dual lens camera that is found on the iPhone X. The size of the iPhone x plus is quite impressive, and you will find most people aren’t too fussed with the camera quality as they are other features.

Get ZAO for iphone

With the number of iPhones that are being produced and the popularity that still surrounds the brand there will be plenty of iPhone x plus ‘s being sold.

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