Zao App Dominates the Markets in No Time

Zao App Dominates the Markets in No Time 1

Recently, there has been a wave of new and renovated apps and platforms that are reintroduced to the worldwide audiences in order to garner the attention of the younger generations – such as FaceApp. The Chinese app Zao has managed to successfully join the socia media apps community in nearly no time at all! The Zao app is now amongst the most downloaded apps in China and other countries due to the tons of positive reactions and feedback of the millions of users who have tried the face-swapping platform upon its release.

The unique Chinese app is using AI – artificial intelligence – technologies in order to attract youth and teenagers towards trying the Zao unprecedented cinematic experiences. Through the Zao platform the user can virtually impersonate any cinematic character, or famous T.V. personas, and become the main protagonist in a just couple of seconds!

Many users around the world have already shared their Zao experiences – becoming Jack in Titanic for example – and the reviews til date remain highly positive which consequently enables Zao to continue to rise to prominence as more people are downloading the app from online stores. Developers of the Chinese platform have somehow managed to blend together face-filters and popular movie characters to present the user with the ability to impose his face amidst famous shows and movies – including Game of Thrones and Pirates of the Caribbean! The dependence on AI methods and techniques has indeed helped Zao to reach out to more fans everywhere as an interesting and unprecedented face-filters app. Months ago FaceApp created similar propaganda and proved that universal communities are very much interested in AI experiences.

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The sudden and rapid rise of the Zao app has in fact managed to attract more users and AI enthusiasts over the span of one weekend only, but it has also prompted experts to scrutinize its functionalism and privacy policy. Many experts are demanding the Zao app to become more transparent about its privacy guidelines and how the user’s content is going to be used in the future. Developers of Zao assured the fan base that the face-swapping platform isn’t designed to spy on users at all, or steal their content or private data in any way. However, the Chinese company added that Zao is going to be working on enhancing its privacy policy in the near future so that users are completely assured that their photos and selfies aren’t going to be utilized by any parties. Til now the privacy speculations surrounding Zao didn’t affect its reputation; on the contrary, the Chinese face-swapping platform continues to grow and thrive!

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